India Trip

So I am currently in India, volunteering for Design for Change at the Riverside School. So far, I don’t have specific projects that I will be doing but I believe they will be along the lines of planning, teaching Spanish, and teaching Volleyball to the students.Β  I’ll be here until August so I have a couple of more days to come up with my official schedule and lesson plans.

I will be uploading pictures and possibly some neat videos during my stay here! As you will begin to see, India is the second most populated country meaning that there are people everywhere! You also see cows on the road (they are very sacred to Indians), dogs, motorcycles and little small taxis everywhere. Oh, and lets not forget the amazing teachers/team I’ll be working with this summer. Enjoy!

What I usually see on our way to Riverside (Ahmedabad, India)

These are the interesting cabs that I mentioned. They very small and surprisingly fit a lot of people!

Example A

This is where things get interesting – in order for us to get to the school, we have to walk through a back road/path passing since the military does not allow foreigners through the main entrance of the school.

In order from left to right: Eoghan, Niall, Charly.

Can’t forget about the cows! They are very sacred here in India.


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