Recipe for Success x Cooking Matters®

On March 19, 2012, Lucia’s Tavola’s Head Chef Michelle Lugo and Executive Chef/Owner Mark diCiccio visited New Hampshire Food Bank to collaborate with Chef Jayson McCarter (Recipe for Success Chef trainer) and Becca Story (Cooking Matters coordinator) to demonstrate some delicious recipes for us!

(Left to right: Chef Jayson McCarter, Chef Michelle Lugo and Chef Mark-OH!)

(Cooking Matters® coordinator Becca Story and Lucia’s Head Chef Michelle Lugo)

Recipe for Success, Culinary Job Training Program:

The Culinary Job Training Program is an eight-week course designed for unemployed or underemployed individuals pursuing careers in the culinary industry. Students learn the fundamentals of working in a commercial kitchen through hands on experience and ServSafe coursework. Each student takes the ServSafe Manager’s Certification exam, gains experience catering events, and serves thousands of community members through registered agencies of the NH Food Bank. More than 400 agencies depend on this production, and students demonstrate the wherewithal to accomplish these goals daily. What better way to give back to the community while job searching than providing food for hundreds of agencies? Click here to learn more!

Cooking Matters Program:

Cooking Matters®, a program of Share Our Strength, empowers families with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to prepare healthy and affordable meals. Our volunteers take a hands-on approach to educate those at risk of hunger and malnutrition about how to make better choices about the foods they eat. Results are not only seen in the classroom, but in the simple changes adults, children, and families make to lead healthier lives: Click here to learn more!

Check out these great pictures and videos we took from the amazing demonstration!

(Scuie Scuie Sauce – finished product was very delicious!)

(Chocolate cake demonstration!)

(Yummy healthy-chocolate cake!)

(Chef Michelle and Chef Jayson teaching us how to fabricate a chicken!)

(Some behind the scene action)

(Behind the scenes: While I was directing with co-director Matthew Raso)

Here’s a sneak peek video of our collaboration with the New Hampshire Food Bank:


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