Creole Cuisine at Lucia’s Tavola (February 6th Cook Show)

Chicken Leg Cacciatore
You Need:
Evoo – extra virgin olive oil
Flour for dredging (substitute corn starch for gluten free option)
3lb chicken legs (skin removed or legs and thighs separated)
1 tbl  chopped garlic
1 med onion (sliced)
1 large bell pepper (sliced)           
½ lb med Mushrooms (cut to fourths)
4 cups chopped tomatoes
1 can (20 oz) chopped tomatoes
¼ cup fresh basil sliced to ribbons
Tsp chopped fresh rosemary
1 cup white wine (optional substitute water)Heat enough oil in large brazing pan to cover bottom.
Dredge chicken in flour to lightly coat.
Brown chicken in hot oil remove chicken to a plate (the chicken will not yet be cooked)
Add garlic to pan and lightly sauté (add more olive oil as needed to sauté)
When garlic is lightly browned add peppers, onions and mushrooms and sauté
Put chicken legs back in pan arranging legs to evenly cover the bottom of pan
Add tomatoes, basil, rosemary and wine cover and simmer for 25-30 minutes until chicken is fork tender and falls from bone
Add wine or water as needed to keep sauce at desired consistency
Serve over pasta
For Gluten Free Option – Serve over rice or mashed potatoes

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