World of Betters is a celebration of all the little moments of ‘better’ in people’s days around the world.


Reading these beautiful/inspiring “betters” have really motivated me even more.


Visit and tell them how you would make someone’s day better and you could receive $1000 to make it happen. YES, $1,000.00, that’s even enough to help 1,000 people and more!


  1. linnett davila-dailey said:

    hi my name is Linnett Dailey,I’m a supporter of Paralyzed Veterans of America and DAV also and is name is Bobby Lisek a disable Veteran I would make sure his little girl have a chance to go college,I have an invention idea I would patent it and 50% of the money would set up for her to go to college and any other family with children help support all disable family with children.Bobby would not have to worry if he can send his daughter to college ,I will make sure college is paid in full.He can focus on his health.God Blessed.

  2. La cantidad de rumores inútiles que un hombre puede soportar es inversamente proporcional a su inteligencia. , diego grande alvarez

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