Wedding Season is Here!

Happy Saturday everyone. As I get ready for this weekend’s festivities, thus including weddings. I  prepared a post for those who need a little inspiration for weddings, bridal showers, etc. Besides, we all need to save room for some inspiration in our lives.


From experience I know planning an event can feel very overwhelming; you have to deal with budgets, decorations, strategical aspects,  and often…some grouchy people. But, the feeling of a very successful outcome to the event definitely out ways the rest. When planning a wedding there are definitely a lot of great moments in the process. There is much more involvement, and even if we, at times, may want to pull each of our hair strings from our heads! there is always the hope and expectancy of a well thought-out and put together wedding!



Weddings are blossoming everywhere this summer.  From beautiful beach weddings to a gorgeous wedding right outside of your backyard. Here is a little inspiration to kick off this exciting weekend:

Click on the photo for great ideas!

Wedding photos are a must! The ideal shots are what adds to a memorable day. With all of the great scenarios that are around (especially this summer) you will with a doubt catch some great shots.

As I navigated through I came across a great article for wedding shots. They even help you find wedding photographers around your area! Check it out.



The perfect flowers! Visit the knot’s local resources to find a great/recommended florist around your area.

Summer flowers are very rich and beautiful. You have your choice of reds, blues, violets, oranges, yellows, pinks, purples, and whites. Choosing the right florist is very important. Choose a florist that takes out time to get to know your style and who you are before asking for a deposit. You should be able to ask questions and get general information including meeting with staff members and looking at pictures of previous events before you have to pay for anything.


The ideal wedding dress.

The most exciting part of every brides wedding adventure is choosing her dress! The minute a bride-to-be methods into a wedding gown she will know instantly whether or not it is the excellent dress. It’s critical to trust this gut reaction and act accordingly in picking the best wedding dress. It’s also important that when searching for the best wedding dress, you need to start searching at least six months ahead of your wedding date. Acquiring the best dress will most  likely just take fairly some time and as soon as you uncover the gown, it could take up to four months for the dress to be ordered and transported to the retailer.

Recommended sites:




The best wedding venues (click here)

Tropical weddings are great, choosing a beautiful location serves as its own decoration! Imagine being illuminated by the night sky. You and your better half may even forget you’re outside! This is what makes summer a beautiful season for our dream weddings. Even places you have never thought about doing your wedding at, may serve as the most inexpensive and wonderful place for your ceremony.



What is not to love about vintage?

Vintage weddings are more than creative, they’re inspiring! ESPECIALLY THIS SUMMER! Take a look at a few vintage weddings and tell me what’s not to love! Click here


In one of JuneBug Weddings recent post they gave us an insight on how to pick the perfect vintage dress. Check out their post HERE




The right touches can seem effortless and stunning, even if they aren’t complex.






Simplicity is always the BEST!

Invites. Invites. INVITES!

Now what’s a wedding with your loved ones there to witness the memorable moment(s)? Visit Mindy Weiss’s E-Store for some very creative and beautiful invitations + many more fun things!

Have a great day everyone!

– Solange A.


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