Sweet 15

I was very honored to have been able to help decorate a sweet 15 this past weekend. One of my best friends, who’s little cousin was the sweet 15 girl had asked me before to help with this event, but because of the hectic past months and different people involved with this event, I wasn’t able to be as much of a help until the day of.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to upload the more professional photos. I wanted to show everyone the process and how beautiful everything was. What really intrigued me was the fact that all of the decorations were done from scratch, my best friend had literally been working her but off gluing things together, nearly burning her whole hand and buying each and every thing separately. I hope you guys like this!

The center pieces were really great! each were done individually.

The girls(including the sweet 15-er) all had make up by Any Frias,  she is reachable through facebook or email  anyjfrias@gmail.com.

Mother and daughter spotlight. This was also a beautiful moment!

Congratulations to Stephanie Cabrera! It was a great night full of laughter and joy. You looked very beautiful, I am sure everyone would agree!


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