What If…

What if we can completely prevent all hunger victims from starving?

What if we can stop time and the number of people dying every second will no longer die?
…will the world be better then?
What if poverty never grew into what it is now?
What if the number of children who are going to die in one minute didn’t die?
Can we even live with the fact that there are 925 million people all over the world hungry right now?
What if the media didn’t make so much effort to create celebrity crushes, sex scandals and partying “top news”?
Have you ever stopped to notice that this tragedy is hardly even making headlines?
Can you imagine your self lacking access to improved sanitation?
Can you picture yourself unable to provide for your family?
Picture a child dieing from undernourished illnesses.
Hunger is not a topic we enjoy discussing. It’s a heartbreaking issue happening at this very moment in time.  Imagine yourself living in poverty trying to survive with just $2.00 a day and not knowing when your next meal will come. It’s a horrible reality to face.
The world needs to make more effort, we need to continue increasing awareness. Our people need us!

Email:  SolangeCAbreu@gmail.org

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